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If you’ve been arrested in Massachusetts on a DUI charge or other criminal matter, you need a criminal lawyer who will be your sword and shield and fight for you in the criminal justice system.  A lawyer who is knowledgeable about Massachusetts drunk driving  and other  criminal laws. You have found that attorney.

My name is Russell Matson, and I am a criminal and drunk driving defense lawyer. Protecting peoples rights in DUI cases is what I do for a living. Call me anytime, 24 hours a day at (781) 380-7730 to ask me about your case, and what I can do to help you.

Help!! I was just Arrested for Drunk Driving! What do I do?

First, take a deep breath. There is no need to panic, I can get you through this. Here’s what you can expect to happen to you:

  1. You must appear in a Massachusetts District Court to be arraigned, generally on the next business day. If you can have a lawyer with you at the arraignment it can be extremely helpful. If that’s not possible, you can get through the arraignment yourself. However, it is critically important that you do not make any statements in court without a lawyer present. The court will enter a plea of not guilty, and set a court date for a pre-trial conference.
  2. Your next step is to find a Massachusetts lawyer to represent you. With your lawyer’s help, you can decide how you want to handle the charges against you.

What Kind of a Lawyer do I Need?

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you can get any lawyer to represent you, But most lawyers, if they are honest, would strongly recommend that you speak to someone who handles DUI cases all the time.  The decision can be particularly important if you are facing a second or third offense OUI.

I know that you want a lawyer who will provide the strongest possible defense, and in a DUI case, experience matters. DUI defense is a complicated and tricky area of the law. I suggest that you ask any lawyer these questions if you are considering him or her to represent you for a serious criminal matter like a DUI charge:

  1. What is your DUI defense experience?
  2. How many cases like mine have you won?
  3. Why are you the best Massachusetts DUI defense lawyer to defend me?

A good defense lawyer will be able to tell you:

  • How you can fight your OUI charges
  • How good your case is (A real answer, not just what you want to hear.)
  • The advantages to fighting or pleading guilty.
  • How quickly he can help you get back on the road with a hardship license after your case is over.

I will always give you the honest answers, that are in your best interest. If I don’t think we can help, I will tell you.

Take Advantage Of My Free Consultation Offer To Learn If I Am The Lawyer For You.

Just a few quick facts about me as an attorney:

  • I concentrate my practice in drunk driving defense. It’s over 90% of what I do. I am always focused on developing new legal defense techniques to best protect and defend my clients rights in DUI cases.
  • When I take DUI cases to trial, I beat them two thirds of the time.
  • I’m an expert in field sobriety tests, and I know how to cross-examine police officers to establish the flaws in these so-called tests. I know these tests so well that I am certified to teach others how to properly perform field sobriety tests. I know these tests backward and forwards – I know them better than the police, so I can spot their mistakes. This is critical to a good OUI defense. No other OUI lawyer in Massachusetts that I’m aware of has this training.
  • I have written editorials, been quoted in the state’s top newspapers, and been interviewed on Fox25 News, and Channel 5 news in Boston as a recognized authority on Massachusetts OUI and hardship licenses after an OUI charge. I’m frequently asked by the media for my opinions on the subject of Massachusetts drunk driving laws.

I Will Use My Experience And Knowledge Of Massachusetts DUI Law To Fight For Your Rights.

I understand that you may feel powerless. And you may be afraid about what could happen to you. Being accused of a serious crime is very difficult for anyone. Just the process of being arrested, taken to jail, fingerprinted, and photographed is tremendously dehumanizing. But it’s happened, and right now you need to ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Do you know how you are going to defend yourself against the charges against you?
  2. Can you find the right attorney to help you without just guessing?
  3. Do you know what could happen to you if you are found guilty?

Let me give you a glimpse of what’s in store for you. The first court date is an arraignment where you are officially charged. You and your lawyer can get and review the police report at that time. After that there will be a number of other court appearances . . . for a bail review (if you are in custody), a pre-trial conference where the DA will generally offer you a plea, preliminary hearings where motions (motion to suppress, motion to dismiss, et. al.) are filed, and if you chose to fight the case, a trial.

If you’re convicted, the penalties range from: probation with or without short jail sentences, straight probation (supervised or unsupervised), restitution, a significant number of fines, spending a very long time in jail, or in multiple offense or felony cases, the State Prison.

Should I Fight The Case Or Should I Work Out A Deal?

That’s the question you’ll have to decide, and the answer will depend on a number of factors. When we talk during your free phone consultation, I’ll ask you a lot of questions about your case and lay out all your options for you based on your specific and unique situation.

For those who want to fight the case at trial and aren’t willing to plead guilty, the good news is that these cases can be won. In fact, I beat them more often than not. This site lists just a few of the approaches I use to protect your rights in a jury trial. The rationale to fight is even more compelling with a second offense OUI or third offense.

Some of clients simply want to settle as quickly as possible and hire me to work out a plea right away. I can certainly sympathize with and understand that feeling. You may just want to put the whole unfortunate incident behind you and move on with your life. You may be willing to live with a criminal conviction on your record since you are confident you’ll never come up against the law again.

If pleading to the charge (continuance without a finding) is what makes sense for you, I’ll make sure it gets done the right way. I will work with the DA to move up the court date and settle the matter quickly, and efficiently, with no mistakes.

For a first offense plea, in most cases I can get the minimum penalty allowed by law. I’ll walk you through all of the paperwork and procedures step by step, and explain everything to you along the way. You’ll have to the peace of mind to know that everything will be taken care of. And I’ll go with you to the Registry to get you a hardship license so you’ll still be able to drive for 12 hours a day during the period of your license suspension. All of my OUI plea procedures are documented here.

Why I Fight Drunk Driving Charges

A while back, a 7th grader in Quincy named Cynthia wrote me a letter. She was concerned about drunk driving, and asked me why I help people accused of DUI charges. Here is my response, you can read the entire letter.

The system isn’t fair if I’m not there to argue the other side of the story. Then a judge or a jury gets to decide who is right.
If there were no defense attorneys, everyone ever accused of a crime would be guilty.

Has anyone ever said anything about you that wasn’t true?

I’ve defended teachers and doctors, moms and dads who are regular people who never imagined they would get arrested and charged with a crime. I’m proud to be able to help people, and I love being part of our country’s criminal justice system. It’s not perfect, but it is the fairest system of rules and laws in the world.

I strongly believe the work I do is important. I am proud to defend my clients, and be a zealot advocate in our system of criminal justice.

Now it’s Your Turn. Call me for a free consultation now.

I’ve assembled a wealth of information here about what happens when you’re charged with a drunk driving offense in Massachusetts. Use my site to educate yourself about what an experienced DUI attorney can do to help you. And when you’re ready, give me a call at the number below, and I’ll be happy to consult with you on the specifics of your case. There’s never any obligation when you call.

My practice is concentrated in the area of Massachusetts drunk driving law as well as other criminal matters. My clients come from across the state and all throughout greater Boston. In fact, I enjoy driving to the western part of the state, and have appeared in every district court in the Commonwealth.

To obtain the best possible outcome, I will conduct a thorough investigation of your case. In breath test case, it can be extremely helpful to bring in an expert witness. And if you were found guilty after a trial you may have a right to an appeal.

Most people are eligble for a hardship license after an OUI is resolved, so you can still drive to work even in the event of a plea or a guilty verdict on a first offense. In fact, that is often the primary factor why people choose to accept a plea in cases where there is a decent chance of winning, if they could afford to be without a license.

So whether you have been arrested for OUI, assault and battery, possession of drugs or some other criminal offense, you are entitled to a strong legal defense. The Commonwealth must prove every element of it’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. And we challenge that assumption every day.

Call me 24 hours a day at (781) 380-7730 to speak with me or my knowledgeable staff. I pledge to doggedly defend your rights. And remember, my initial phone consultation is absolutely free, with no obligation.


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