Two Issues Stand In Front of New Judge in Bulger Case

Denise Casper has begun holding hearings in the trial of Whitey Bulger, Boston’s high profile mobster and former FBI informant. Out of the gate, the new judge has made efforts to show just how little has changed in the outlook of the trial. Still expected to start in June, still expected to last throughout the entire summer, Casper tried to portray her first day of hearings as a smooth transition in a case that is otherwise long underway. [Read more…]

Special Report on OUI Acquittals Makes Bold, Flawed Recommendations

The Boston Globe initiated an investigation into OUI cases where defendants waived their rights to a jury trial, electing to have their case heard before a judge (bench trial) instead, and specifically how these cases seemed to result in a positive outcome for the defendants more often than those heard before a jury. It was as a result of the Globe’s investigation that the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ordered their own investigation into the matter, to be completed by R.J. Cinquegrana with the firm of Choat, Hall & Stewart LLO, acting as a special counsel. [Read more…]

Ignition Interlock Devices for a First Offense in Massachusetts?

Update Sept 2013:  Every year there is an effort to expand Massachusetts law to require interlock devices for every first offense OUI conviction. Here is why it is a bad idea.

The Patriot Ledger ran another editorial suggesting that requiring an ignition interlock device after a first offense OUI conviction in Massachusetts would be a good idea. We disagree. [Read more…]

Boston Herald Panics That People Have Been Driving Without Incident

The Boston Herald has a splashy story about how nearly 1000 people in Massachusetts have legal driver’s licenses right now, yet have been convicted of 5 or more DUI charges. Outrageous!

Except, what it actually means is that these individuals have been on the road, driving legally, and have not been convicted of any drunk driving charge in 10 years[Read more…]