Registry Response Pending to Souza Case To Be Clarified

Review our fact sheet on the Registry licensing decision for multiple offense license suspensions here.

This situation is rapidly evolving, and the Registry has yet to act to reduce anyone’s license suspension.

But the current understanding is that if you are in the middle of a 3 year license suspension from a CWOF and a subsequent offense, you may be entitled to have up to 1 1/2 years reduced from your license suspension period.

You may be eligible if:

  • You Refused the Breath test on a 2nd offense OUI charge
  • You received a CWOF on your first offense, (or 2nd offense as part of a 24D Disposition)
  • The Registry suspended your license for 3 years or more as a result of refusing the breath test
If you have already served your full license suspension unfairly, there is nothing that can be done.
When you are eligible for a license reinstatement, you still will face a 2 year Ignition Interlock Requirement license restriction.

The legislature hopes to amend the law allowing the registry to treat 2nd or greater offenders with a CWOF as they did previously. This could be in effect by as 7/1/12.

So if you meet the requirements, it is something you will want to get done ASAP before the law changes, and it is too late.


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