Pre-Trial Conference

Your second appearance in court after an arraignment is the Pre-Trial Conference. At a Pretrial Conference in District Court, you and your attorney will meet with the DA assigned to your case. At that time, you can choose to work out a deal, or you can tell the prosecutor that you want to fight the charges, and take the case to a trial. A pre-trial conference and a pre-trial hearing are the same thing in most courts.

If you are planning to fight the case, I’ll file a number of motions at the pretrial, ask for discovery from the district attorney, and we’ll set a date for a motion hearing with the court.

If you are pleading, this will be your final court date. You will go before the judge and plead the case out. Then you’ll pay a number of fines, and meet with a probation officer to arrange for probation. Remember, if you refused to take a breath test, you won’t be able to drive until you can get a hardship license. Have a ride home from the courthouse!

You should have an attorney at your pre-trial. If you have a pre-trial date, but your lawyer is unavailable, you can almost always get another date in the future. If you can’t afford an attorney, the court will provide a court appointed lawyer for you.

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