Fourth Offense OUI Penalties

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a fourth Offense OUI in Massachusetts, I’m certain you know you are facing a serious charge. If convicted of felony DUI, will serve a minimum of 1 year in jail, mandatory. You need the help of a top defense lawyer who knows how to fight and win a DUI trial.

How Can I be facing a 4th Offense? I was never even convicted of a 3rd?

It’s quite possible to be charged with a fourth offense even if you’ve never faced a felony charge before. The State can still count decades old offenses against you as priors, even if the charges were treated far less seriously then, than they are today. In addition, they may could out of state charges against you, which isn’t always fair.

Even if they do convict you on the current charge, they still they still have to prove you committed the prior offenses, which isn’t always simple with old and vague records.

The penalty for a fourth offense OUI in Massachusetts includes:

  • A sentence of not less than 2 years in jail (1 year to be served, mandatory), and not more than 5 years in State Prison (felony status)
  • Fines up to a maximum of $25,000
  • A License suspension of 10 years; No general hardship license option available for 8 years

I’ve successfully fought and won many multiple offense cases before, and I know what it takes to beat them. In fact, I win my trials more than 2/3s of the time.

It’s not likely that you’ll be immediately offered a reasonable plea deal in a 4th offense OUI case, so it’s very likely you’ll need to fight your OUI in a jury trial. However, if the prosecutor isn’t sure he or she can prove the records that establish the previous convictions, there may still be a deal possible that avoids jail time.

You can call me anytime to talk about your case. An attorney who doesn’t defend OUI cases all the time may not be familiar with all the procedures and laws that can be used in your defense. In a fourth offense OUI, you need a an attorney with the right experience to give you the best representation.

If you are facing a Felony,  Multiple Offense OUI charge, you know you need an experienced lawyer to defend your rights and protect your freedom. Call me now for a free consultation at (781) 380-7730.

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