MA OUI Third Offense Penalties

If you’ve been arrested in Massachusetts on an OUI and charged with a third offense, you know you are facing a felony charge, and if convicted and if they can prove the prior offenses, will get a minimum of 5 months in jail, mandatory. There is no question that you need to hire a top defense lawyer who knows how to fight and win a DUI trial. You are facing a felony charge with a mandatory jail sentence if found guilty. The penalty for a third offense OUI in Massachusetts includes:

  • A sentence of not less than 180 days in jail (150 days served, mandatory), and not more than 5 years in State Prison (felony status)
  • Jail sentence may be served in a prison treatment facility, if program space is available
  • Fines up to a maximum of $15,000
  • Registry may seize and sell your vehicle
  • A license suspension of 8 years; No hardship license option available for 2 years (+5 years with a breath test refusal)

I’ve successfully fought and won many third offense cases before, and I know what it takes to beat them. In fact, I am successful more than 2/3s of the time in cases I take to trial.

I’ve also been able to get 3rd offense cases dismissed before trial based on legal motions and rulings.

There is usually only a small chance of getting a reasonable plea deal in a 3rd offense OUI, so the only option is usually to fight it. For details on how I will fight to protect your rights and freedom at trial, refer to my fight your MA OUI at trial page.

If the DA’s case is very weak, or if they can’t prove the prior offenses (such as in the case of out of state convictions), it certainly makes sense to consider a plea. Any outcome that takes jail time off the table may be a good outcome. But where that isn’t an option, you need to fight, and that’s what I do best.

You can call me anytime to talk about your case. An attorney who doesn’t handle Mass OUI cases all the time may not be familiar with all the procedures and laws that can be used in your defense. In a third offense OUI, you need a Mass OUI attorney with the right experience to give you the best representation

If you are facing a Massachusetts Third Offense OUI, you know you need an experienced DUI lawyer to defend your rights and protect your freedom. Call me now for a free consultation at (781) 380-7730.

Russell Matson, Massachusetts OUI Attorney

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